Beverly Hills Cop

Alright here it is straight off and still warm from the press.

Eddie Murphy will star in the next installment of Beverly Hills Cop.

Are you excited?

Well me neither at first, but here are a few things that got me interested.

First, it will be directed by Brett Ratner.  That is a plus.  If you remember, he did the Rush Hour movies.  So going over to another cop action type genre film should not be that hard for him.

Second, it will get Murphy away from playing the one man sole actor playing many different actors in a movie role.  Seriously I am wayyyyyyy tired of this.  Eddie Murphy is probably one of the funniest actors on the planet, but he has tried to be selfish in his roles.  He did not want anyone else around to help him.  Go back and watch Harlem Nights.  This is probably one of his best movies and he was surrounded by an incredible cast that made the movie work.

Murphy just went for the big paydays with the one man gang films.  And he succeeded!

Finally here is my last and MAJOR point.

This movie will be rated “R”!

Holy shit finally a film with some courage to get the dirty stuff back into movies.  Right off the bat this movie is not going for the 10 kabillion dollar payoff.  No, instead they are going back to a time when movies where funny, edgy, and dirt gritty.

And who could pull this off?  Eddie Murphy can.  Holy shit I have got a potty mouth, but Eddie leaves me in the dust.  He has got the whole septic tank and shit recovery station mouth in one.  He is one of the leaders of the DIRTY comedy and he banked off of his mouth back in the day.

The scoop on the movie is this.  This will not be Beverly Hills Cop 4.  If you remember #3 sucked complete ass, so they are trying to forget that movie was ever made.  INSTEAD, it will be self titled and they are going to try and capture the best parts of 1 and 2 and start the whole franchise over.

Do I think it could work?  Sure.  Do I think it will be any good?  Dunno.

Harrison Ford, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg waited 20 years to bring Indy back into the spotlight.

Did it work?

Not really.

But, this is rated “R” and that is our only hope.  Just let Murphy loose on the set and I am sure he could pull some pretty funny shit out of his septic tank.

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