Brendan Fraser NOT Gung Ho in GI Joe Movie

It has been rumored, speculated and floated around the internet, but I heard it with my own ears this morning on a local radio interview with Brendan Fraser so now it is true to me. 

He stated and I quote “I am in the movie.  I tried out for the part of Gung Ho, but Stephen (Sommers) had a better part in the movie for me.  I will actually be playing a ranking sergeant who is the great great great great great great great great (ok so I went overboard on the greats’) great-grandson of Rick O’ Connell. 

Ok so what the HELL does GI Joe and the Mummy have in common other than Sommers directing them?  I swear if they fuck this movie up by doing a bunch of stupid shit like that I am going to unleash my popcorn snake on every person in the theater.  Dumb bastards.  Just stick to the fucking comic.  What the hell is wrong with that?


Just like Gambit does not have his bad ass eyes in the new movie.

Nor have we seen one pic of Deadpool with a damn mask on.

Please stop fucking up my youth.

Stick to what was once written!

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