Der Untergang

It was a warm spring morning in 2005.  It was the type of morning that you could actually see dew on your lilly.  Am I the only one who found that funny?  Anyways I was laying on the couch doing some hardcore channel surfing when all the sudden I see a movie called Downfall getting ready to start.  I scroll over to more info and get the synopsis on the movie.  I think it went something like this:  Set in the last days of Nazi Germany during WWII, Hitler and his top officials are forced into a secret underground bunker.  As the Russians and Allied forces push into Berlin, we get a up close and personal look at Hitler during his last days before his suicide.

Sounds pretty cool, I think I will tune in.

What I tuned into was one of the BEST fucking WWII movies that I have ever seen.  Sure we have all the greats like Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, The Big Red One, What About Bob as well as others, but Der Untergang (Downfall), was probably the best depiction of what is actually going on with Hitler. 

Now I can go on and on for days and talk about Adolph Hitler.  I really do not think that I want to open another can of shit storm, so let me just say this; do I like what the guy did?  FUCK NO!  Do I think he was a great leader?  I think the guy came into a country that was on the verge of a meltdown and he brought it back to life but in a really fucked up direction. 

Enough of the Germany Hitler era politics. 

Back to the movie.

You get a chance to see Hitler in action and even in the last few days of the Hitler regime, he still had his generals by the balls.  There is one scene in the movie where Hitler is pissed off that they have not manned an artillery post.  His general tells him that it has been occupied by the Allies and Hitler almost blows a fucking gasket because he cannot believe that no one is manning that hill.  He basically anal rapes his generals with his mouth belittling them to ass cheese.

Then we get down to the final hours.

This is where the movie really gets fucked up.  You will have the most mixed emotions watching these last few scenes in this movie.  One moment (even though I knew what was going to happen) I was sitting there going “no man don’t do it” and the next I was fucking pissed off out of my mind that they got to give up that easy.  Lets just hope that the ones that were captured and were hauled off to jail to live out a life sentence got to ENJOY the luxuries of a life term.

“Pick up the soap little bitch!”

Here is an unusual deleted scene from the movie…


And another by the GREAT Mel Brooks…


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