Disney Star Wars Weekends Dates Announced!

For those of you who are waiting to see when or if Star Wars Celebration V will be announced (which incidentally, Star Wars Celebration IV was an absolute blast!), it’s time to implement your back up plan!  Disney’s Star Wars Weekend dates HAVE been Announced!  Woo hoo!

Running every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from May 22nd to June 14th, it’s pretty much going to Disney with a Star Wars taint (Yummy!).  But for people like me, going to Disney to see a bunch of other guys dressed like Jedis is not the coolest thing in the world.

For me, tt’s the collectibles!  I continuously sell the Disney Big Figs here at Geek Flavor, but almost all of the collectibles that they have kick ass.  Here are some of the ones from the past.  I spent waay too much money last year but it was worth it (even with Disney taking a large chunk off of it on the front end).  And the funny thing was, I didn’t even go during the Star Wars Weekends event.  There was still a pretty good inventory left 6 or so weeks later…but the big difference was I didn’t get a shot at getting one of the Big Figs I wanted (although I did get the last Mickey Defend the Ears that they had at the time (there is probably a warehouse of that shit somewhere).  Anyways, good stuff.

Rumor has it the Big Figs will be discontinued this year but we should be getting some information over the next month or so and if that is the case.  I’ll update when I find out.

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