Fast & Furious 09 Kick Ass Movie Trailer (well sort of)

I have to be honest with you all, I could really care less about this movie.  I never watched any of the first ones, and it’s gonna take a whole lot to get me to watch this movie…but Scorp turned me on to the trailer and I took a peek.

And I gotta tell you, the action looks straight out of an Knight Rider/A-Team episode.  Sure this one has all of the original cast, Vin Diesel (when the fuck are you gonna make another Riddick??), Paul Walker (who’s next movie after this is called “Bone Deep”…wow), Michelle Rodriguez (no more Lost, so she’s off the radar until Avatar),  Jordana Brewster (why wouldn’t she do this one?)…oh yeah and Tyrese (Luke Cage and Transformers…he may make it out of this shit heap).

But the real reason why this trailer is even showing up on my radar is the incredibly bad ass song by “Does It Offend You, Yeah?”s “We Are Rockstars”.  Oh shit…this song ROCKS.  Movie trailer below.


Here is the vid…should have put this first…


Fast & Furious comes out this April (seemingly like a lot of shitty movies before the big ones come out in May).  I dunno…if Scorp can convince me like the day of the movie that it’s going to be good…MAYBE I’ll go and check it out…

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