Forgot where you hid your weed?

Ever forget where you hid yours, maybe you haven’t smoked enough. That is what the good researchers at OSU are saying. In their latest posts the researches have identified that a chemical compound called THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in Mary Jane, has displayed reduced levels of inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s in, er rats. But that’s not to say that it does not have the same effect on people, I myself have been testing this theory for years.

Now they made sure to say that they “stayed on the safe side” and applied small, safe level doses of the chemical. I am not sure how many dime bags would constitute a “safe level” but by my own personal research I think I am outside the safe zone.

I think the words “self-medicate” are two of the most beautiful words in the English language, that and “clothing optional”. I will keep very close tabs on this subject as it unfolds but in the meantime if you are to take up your own personal research on this matter might I suggest a well stockpiled pantry and putting the local pizza joint on speed dial 1. And one last important thing, probably most important of all is…forgot what I was going to say…pretty bird.

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