Friday Fargo Fun Film Factoid

It seems that old William H. Macy had a little problem trying out for the Coen brother’s film Fargo.

Are these guys just the hardest ass bags on the planet to try and get a job with?  Nonetheless I don’t really care, cause they make BRILLIANT movies.

William H. Macy went in and read for the part of Jerry Lundegaard not once, but 2 times.  After feeling that he had the role in the bag, the Coen Bro’s never called him back and Macy was taken back.

He was so upset, that he flew to New York and stormed the offices of the Coen Bro’s.

He walked in and said “listen here you two little ungrateful shits, if you do not give me this role, that only I was meant to play, I swear by the power of Greyskull that I will come to your house and kill your fucking dogs!”

Taken back by these powerful words, the Coen Bro’s did not have a choice but to sign Macy right on the spot.

When asked why he said such harmful things Macy replied, “I was just worried that they were going to screw up the movie if they did not hire me for that role.”

Pretty powerful stuff.

So the next time the man has you down, just storm in their office and tell them that you are going to kill their pet(s) and you will most assuredly get what is coming to you.

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