Holiday Airport Travel Gets A New Look. I Mean Sound

If you are traveling this Christmas which most people do, you might notice something different as you come through the security checkpoints at your local airport.  During previous years it has been customary for airports to bring in church groups, school choirs and even international singers to bring you the sounds of the holidays as you enter the terminal.  Now after security gets through raping your vital organs, you will be entranced by the sounds of some stupid drunk FUCK singing karaoke all throughout the terminal.

Bush IAH in Houston is the first to experiment with this holiday idea and it starts today.  The officials at IAH said that they wanted to add a new sound for the holiday travelers, so instead of playing the traditional recordings of Elvis, Barry Manilow, or Englebert Humperdink, they are going to let just any fucking reject step up to the mic and flaunt their vocal skills.  This is the dumbest idea I think I have ever heard of and it will piss people off, drive people to commit hate crimes, NOT put you in the holiday spirit, make pilots drink more so they can sing like a dipshit before flying away to never never land, and I bet some unwanted pregnancies from flight attendants.  All and all I just do not see this working or how it will bring joy to an already tense experience while at the airport during the holiday rush.

Do I need to remind you of the douche bags that sing karaoke…

So after these ass bags drink some liquid courage at the local airport bar, they will be front and center for your Christmas holiday sound enjoyment.

I can just hear it now…

Oh cum on her face yall,

It’s joyful and triumphant!

Or even better…

Blue balls,

Blue balls,

This stupid bitch and her fake tiddies,

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