Houston Texans EGH

So as most of you know by now I am no fan of our local team. I have my reasons which I have posted before so I wont waste time with that again. What I will do is give you my outlook for this Sunday.

The Texans will be playing the Cleveland Browns and I know what you fans are already thinking “easy win”, right? Oh contraire mofo’s. Even though the Browns have a dismal record of just 4-6 that still gives them a 1 game advantage over the Texans who sit at 3-7. I am sure this will be a power struggled tuned into by millions (minus 900k or so) since both of these teams are in a run off to get out of the bottom of their respective divisions, the Texans just have better uniforms.

Even though Cleveland is only averaging 287 yds a game versus Houston’s 370 they are coming off of a great win against the Bills and several close loses. And with the Texans, hah, quarterback controversy, meaning they don’t have a real one, I think we will see more of the same; fumbles, picks and 3 and outs from our hometown zeroes. Maybe Kubiak will think of something. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAKAKE-uq-8[/youtube]

My pick: Cleveland Browns 24-10 over the Texans.

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