How Obama Got Elected

I am not talking politics because that is just not my way, but I came across something today that nearly made me want to puke.  I know who I voted for and I knew everything about their party.  I think that their should be a questionnaire that every person should have to go through that is going to vote to test their knowledge about their candidate, their party, as well as their state and local officials.  If you cannot answer at least 80% of the questionnaire right, your ass needs to be kicked to the curb.  The people in this video are a disgrace to the Obama supporters and the Democrapic party.  Keep a bucket near you.  You may want to hurl.  If you want to see more about this video check it out at


3 thoughts on “How Obama Got Elected

  1. You are looking at the election the wrong way. It’s not how Obama won the election…it’s how McCain lost it. Well outside of Obama winning the popular and electoral college vote of course (which is how our system of government is set up). What you are thinking of and recommending is the same form of government that PAKISTAN currently has…a semi-presidential system where the “elite” (Parliament in Pakistan) vote for President…not the “people” (there is no popular vote in Pakistan)

    Most Americans currently would probably not be able to answer 20% of any questionnaire distributed (including our current President). The great thing about our government…in four years you have the option of electing someone else. And if that doesn’t work, in 8 years, you can vote for Palin against Hillary…lol

    The primary reason why McCain lost the election is because he had the worst campaign management team in US history. From top to bottom, they took a very viable, experienced candidate and made him look like a dolt. McCain should have been targeting the people on that video directly…instead of focusing on his national infomercial for Joe the Plumber. And no one can argue that Palin was the best choice for VP that McCain or the Republican Party could have picked. The problem was the Republicans were way too afraid of Clinton and her “army”. Palin would still be a fishing guide that no one had heard of if Hillary didn’t have so much pull in Washington. They are still afraid of her…

    Oh yeah, i suppose it also didn’t help that in our country, the real “people” that run this country are the media…

  2. Well I cannot say this is a suprise to me… But The fact of the matter is that Obama was not only elected by some people who don’t know what the hell they are talking about, he was voted by people who voted the race card… Keep in mind this statement is for alot of people not all the voters who voted for him… If you say this is false you need to focus more on the real world… I do agree that Mccain Management was very weak, but the respect level for people with higher certifications is set rather low… However, it is not fair to say that i have my doubts about the security of my next 4 years…

  3. Having this discussion at this point is roughly the equivalent of trying to determine if the Patriots were the best team in the NFL last year. Guess what? They lost in the end, so it doesn’t matter. Hellfire, at the end of the day, you’ll still have the same security that you had during the Bush era…

    And these type of vid’s are basically pointless and more media propaganda on both sides of the fence (the media controls the government…don’t you forget it!).

    Here I found one for a McCain voter:

    And here is one for just dumb people in general:

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