Local DJ Hooks Up The Nookie

The other morning I am driving into work doing my usual half asleep, half awake, half have no clue where I am and half am I even going in the right direction zombified morning wake up (how many halves was that?).  Like other daylight commuters I get my wake up experience by either trying to dodge the idiots swerving in and out of traffic or watching other fuck-tards test their road rage skills at 7 am.  Luckily for me I enjoy listening to the morning DJ’s (usually 94.5 if you are in Houston) and this particular morning woke my ass RIGHT UP!  Apparently some guy called the radio station the other day telling a sob story about how he needed a date.  Rod Ryan (the morning DJ) feeling ever so generous helped this dude out by getting him a date.  That is as far as I know on the back story, but I DO KNOW the rest.  It seems that the chick that hooked up with this guy was ever so gracious as to call the radio station and let the whole listening area of the Houston metroplex in on her horn dog experience.  From what I heard, they screwed like little rabbits and had a compelling bond to do it over and over again on this guy’s balcony.  Why the fuck can’t I be around when this shit goes on.  WHY? 

Rod my brother you did a good deed.  You took one for the “brethren team” and it paid off by getting one of our fellow men some pleasure town.

Hats off to you.

Check out Rod and the morning crew at  http://rodryan.thebuzz.com/main.html

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