Megatron NOT in Transformers 2?? (And Other Surprising Super Cool Facts You Should Know)

The ultimate Transformers website, Transformers Live Action Movie Blog, has provided for those of us that are “word impaired” a summarized cliff notes version of the articles that came out this past Monday in Empire and USA Today (because like most of us including me, I love PICTURES more than WORDS!), and there are some pretty incredible news tidbits that have come straight from the great spin mountain witches mouth, Michael Bay…so they must be true!  (I hate and love you all at the same time Michael Bay! (btw thanks Onion for the awesome Bay Oscar laugh…)

So first, yes, according to Michael Bay himself, Megatron will not be in the new Transformers movie.  Apparently the recent rumors of that Megatron tank showing up are just part of the toy line and have nothing to do with the movie (here is the 1993 Megatron tank toy version). It’s really hard to tell if this is more bullshit or not, but as TLAMB points out, why the hell would Bay toss shit out to an accredited media source? Makes sense to me.  And honestly, I really thought Megatron in the first movie, although having him in it was central to the main plot, pretty much brought the movie down.  Yes, it created the main conflict between the Decepticons and Autobots, but from a “cool” standpoint, Starscream and the rest of the gang were really the ones that carried the show.  Oh and Bay, hopefully you are just bringing Jazz back in this movie so that the Fallen can rip his ass apart like Megatron.  In the movie-verse, if a Bot dies, leave them dead.


Some more news goodies, Bay and LaBeouf confirm that the Fallen is a separate character.  From the Transformers mythos, the Fallen is one of the few non factioned characters and also one of the original 13 Transformers created by Primus, and not that shitty band from the 90’s that sung about Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver.  The toy was pretty incredible transforming from the Transformers home planet into Primus.  On the second picture, look at the person standing outside of the display for size perspective (or shit, maybe the person is standing a little bit behind the display case.  Whatever, still very cool.

Devastator… (this is not the tank that you saw in the first film that actually calls himself “Devastator” (you know “Devastator reporting for duty sir.  Hail Megatron!” or whatever the hell he said) but in reality is listed as “Brawl” in the credits.  THIS one is much better.  Apparently Michael Bay thought the name was cool and decided to keep it, without really knowing that there was an even cooler, bigger, bad ass Transformer, named “Devastator” that was made up of a bunch of other Transformers…altogether called the Constructicons.  Fuck yeah!), So Devastator (and still no idea how many Constructicons will be in it)…appears at the Egyptian pyramids and apparently the shot of the large camera crane shown in Monday’s Empire article, indicates the size of the Transformer.  Fucking huge.  Very cool. Here is Devastator in action against the Autobots and Dinobots.


Staying on the Egyptian theme, Egyptian hieroglyphics, according to our creator, Michael Bay, are actually images of Decepticons who previously visted Earth.  Ok Bay…you got me on that one.  Are you serious?  Hopefully this spin isn’t too cheesy.  But according to the website, the final climatic battle takes place in Egypt…so either way should still kick ass.

Overall, there are going to be around 40 robots (wow), budget is $200 million, and if you were curious, this ridiculous shot of cars flying through the air and a guy hanging on for his life, is of Ramon Rodriguez.

The next guy in Megan Fox’s life…

Or maybe both Shia and Megan’s life…


Some other cool news tidbits can be found here including news of Jetfire, the one time Decepitcon that switches over to the Autobots.  Good stuff all around.

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