Millions of Voices Suddenly Cry out in Terror (Lukes Lightsaber Sold! and a Hot Pick of Kristin Bell as Slave Leia!)

POOF!  Where did my light saber go??

A few weeks ago I posted about the Hollywood paraphernalia auction that was going to take place Dec 11th, and some of the extra awesome things that would be sold, including Luke’s original light saber, C3PO’s ROTJ head and Indy’s Temple of Doom hat and whip…among a bunch of other really cool movie items.

So yeah, some lucky son of a motherless wampa ass purchased Luke’s light saber for $236,000 (this was the highest item sold during the auction), C3PO’s head and genitals were purchased for $120,000 and $40,000 respectively, and a section of the original Death Star sold for around $20,000.

I’m sorry, and my dear beloved mother, if she were alive today, god rest her soul, would probably wash my mouth out with soap for saying this, but I hate every mother fucker that attended that auction and was able to bid on something. Look, I’m not going to lie, I’m bitter.  The ultimate in fan geekdom is to be able to own some of this shit and whoever was able to purchase any of it really are some of the luckiest fuckers on the planet.  More power to them I guess.

I’m still saving up for my next prize possession:  An autographed picture of Kristin Bell (Elle from Heroes) in a Slave Leia costume!  Yummy!

Anyways, Indy’s whip and Fedora from Temple of Doom failed to sell along with 20% of the items up for bid.  Geez…I wonder why.

Below are the highest priced items that DID sell during the auction from the website

  • 347: Luke Skywalker lightsaber from Star Wars and ESB – $200,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 348: Star Wars Return of the Jedi C-3PO droid helmet – $100,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 86: The Lord of the Rings signed by J.R.R. Tolkien – $90,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 376: Full-Sized Animatronic “Joe” from Mighty Joe Young – $80,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 470: Wolverine black leather battlesuit from X-Men – $75,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 103: Ian Fleming sgd 1st British ed You Only Live Twice – $70,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 324: Orig flying saucer miniature from Forbidden Planet – $65,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 366: Mercedes German staff car Raiders of the Lost Ark – $60,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 104: You Only Live Twice manuscript sgd by Roald Dahl – $80,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 333: Marlon Brando Jor-El costume from Superman – $60,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 519: Orig. Santa Jack sled – Nightmare Before Christmas – $55,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 244: Roland Hill drawing of Sleeping Beauty’s castle – $42,500 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 167: Josephine Baker Die Konigin Von Paris Poster – $40,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 252: Bruce Lee notebook for The Tao of Chinese Gung Fu – $40,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 405: Little Green man maquette from Men in Black – $35,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 114: Orig. art Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – $32,500 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 448: Jim Carrey complete Riddler costume Batman Forever – $32,500 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 349: Star Wars Return of the Jedi C-3PO droid hands – $30,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 95: First British Edition Of From Russia With Love – $27,500 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 110: James Bond Moonraker one-sheet poster artwork – $25,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 323: Original set design for Conquest of the Pole – $25,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 295: John Wayne costume from Fort Apache – $20,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 326: Storyboard art from The Incredible Shrinking Man – $20,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 346: Original Death Star sectional piece from Star Wars – $20,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 431: Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 Terminator costume – $20,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)
  • 518: Complete Jaffa costume from Stargate SG-1 – $20,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium)

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