Mrs. X-Pitt is Pissed

Okay so did you hear that Jennifer Aniston is totally pissed off that Angelina Jolie made some “Uncool” remarks about her falling in love with Brad Pitt.  Alright Jennifer now let me get this off my chest.  Brad did not like you (point proven that he is nailing another chick).  He found another woman that was on the rebound and still mentally fucked in the head from sleeping with Karl.  We all remember Karl.  He was the keiser blade toting mental nutbag.  He killed a few people but it was all in good intensions.  So you see Jennifer, Angelina finally realized that she had kissed, swapped fluids and even had a blood transfusion with this mumbling, tater eating idiot.  It was only a matter of time before she removed her chastity belt and unleashed her vaginal repression on a man and it just so happened that she did it while your X was hanging around the movie set.  Now I am sure that Brad had every inention not to trip that night and accidentally fall inside Angelina.  So now here is my advice to you.  YOU ARE TOTALLY FUCKING HOT!  You could have any man that you want on this entire planet and you are still whining about that six pack abdominal douche bag.  Go visit Kenya, find yourself a man that is well endowed (at least 18″) and go to town.  Hell that is what Angelina did.  So you go and get back at her right now or SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE!  You are “A” certified prime woman and you are filthy rich.  What more could you ask for.  Oh I’m sure you could come up with something.

One thought on “Mrs. X-Pitt is Pissed

  1. Hate to rain on the Jennifer Aniston parade (that is still going on) but ALL fuckers from that abomination “Friends” should be sent on a one way trip to Kenya. Brad Pitt did the right thing by dumping her. Aniston is another no talent scrub that has made it in the biz on looks and lip circumference.

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