New 2009 Star Wars Disney BIG FIGS Announced!

For those of us that have been lucky enough to make it down to Star Wars Weekends at Disney (or just to Disney shortly after the event), and you’ve had a little extra cash, you’ve probably have had a chance to buy all of the awesome Disney/Star Wars infused paraphernalia that the Lucas/Disney marketing teams have forced down our throats!  We’ve talked in length (look HERE if you dare) about some of the goodness that you can pick up, but the all time favorite for me are the Disney BIG FIGS!

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome my Mickey Defender of the Ears Big Fig looks in my room, standing…yes a foot and a half high…with his lightsaber glowing neon blue.  Fucking can’t beat it.

And yes, I along with Scorp have spent countless hours (I bet I’ve spent more) hunting down the elusive Darth Donald Big Fig (Donald as Maul) and I bet that mother fucker never lands on my mantle (check out the above article for pics).

But I have a new chance this year with the latest selection of Star Wars Disney Big Figs and to be honest, although they are not as cool as Darth Donald Maul…these aren’t too bad.  And considering that this may be the last year (rumored) for the Star Wars Big Figs, you might want to save the dough to try to get one (about $195 not including shipping.  Remember they are big…you won’t be able to carry it on a plane with you.  I had mine shipped with no issues (although the girls did say it happens sometimes…parts breaking in shipment etc).

Truthfully, how can they not do a Bounty Hunter version of the big figs?  Can you imagine that shit?  How fucking hard is it to do marketing these days…seriously?

So without further adieu…and in order of coolness…FUCKING BIG FIGS!  Woo hoo!

Sorry Yoda fans, I can’t stand him unless he’s wielding a light saber in 2 and 3.  This Big Fig will be around for everyone to buy.  I won’t be one of them.

This one actually is pretty fucking cool.  Yes of course, Jabba’s Hutt Palace Minnie as Leia…of course this one will go!  Maybe the marketing people from Lucas and Disney have got it right…I’d consider buying it…(I’m still stuck on Darth Donald though.  Grrr…)

I can’t tell if I think this is cool or not.  My penis is saying yes, but my heart is saying no.  I’d buy this if I had more than just one current Big Fig…which means I’d buy it regardless because I’d probably buy it if it was the only one available.  Mother fuckers…

This is probably the coolest one this year.  Goofy as Chewbacca.  What’s the problem though?  No fucking bow caster?!?  Seriously…how can you not have it??  I dunno.  Still think this one is the coolest

Overall, nothing to really get too overly excited about.  Still, make sure you go early as they will probably all sell out first weekend.   Check out Star Wars weekends May 22nd to June 14th!

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