New Mighty Muggs Shipping

Alright I know many of you out there are just C-R-A-Z-Y for the Mighty Muggs.  Hell even Grumms about has a damn SPAZ attack when he hears that they are making a new series of Muggs.  I must admit I did not go that crazy, but I did go out and purchase some of these really cool and edgy vinyl figures.

Now that you have soaked up all the Muggs from your local stores around town or your favorite internet toy-world, you are probably wondering what the next installment of the Muggs line is going to be.  Well guess what, obviously Hasbro is wondering the same thing.  They have run out of ideas for the moment and are so back ordered on the previous releases that they cannot put out sheeot.


Yes boys and girls soon you can have your new Mighty Mugg waiting for you…

No this is not Casper the Friendly Ghost.  This is a blank Mugg.  Oh and lets not forget about…

Yup.  It is coming in black as well.

Do I really need to go into all the details as to what is going to happen to these “blank” Muggs.

Come on man.  People are going to be pasting their faces on them, their girlfriends faces, their lover (whether boy or girl), the damn dog or cat, the armadillo next door, the serial rapist down the street, some will be naked, some art freak will just go crazy, some kid in Minnesota on Prozac will cut its head off, they will be having blank sex, be totally anatomically incorrect and some jack ass will just write a word on the face.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I think this is totally fucking retarded and I do not see the point.  These are useless.  You damn knuckleheads are just gonna fuck up a really cool thing.  Now I do not blame you.  I blame Hasbro for being so lame and not coming out with another really cool line of Muggs (really you could not think of anything?  What about the Thundercats?).

Now if you really wanted to be creative and you had some expendable cash.  Go buy 1,000 white and 1,000 black and just randomly place them around your house.  Do not paint them, just leave them blank.  Put them in various places all around the house like they are just living with you.

PSYCHO!  Yup, that is the point.  It will guarantee that you will never get laid or have another visitor in your CASA again.

If you do not believe me and decide to paint yours, you will have the same result as the line above.


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