New Wolverine Movie Pics! (Gaydar alert!)

I know as soon as these pic’s of Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine (thanks to hit the website Butter’s will be wandering in to gaze at all of the X-Men’s super hero glory.  And guess what, he won’t be disappointed!

But before you look at them…make sure this song is playing in the background.  Why?  Because as soon as I saw these pic’s this fucking song was branded right into my brain!  So it’s only fair that I share with you!


Here is Wolverine in the classic “X” pose., muscles bulging, a determined look on his face…he doesn’t want to kill you my friends…just get a little rough!

Here is Wolverine just about to get into the prison shower.  Don’t drop the soap with his extensions around!

God damn…this almost is making me NOT want to go and watch the movie…Do you think he made those claw marks on his shirt?  And can anyone tell me why he has a Peacock shaped belt buckle?? (oh yeah his zipper is down also)

And here is an exclusive video behind the scenes of the Wolverine movie of Hugh Jackman getting his “Wolverine” make up on.  Very cool!


God damn I want to burn my eyes out!

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