Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Movie Trailer

Check out the new trailer of the sequel to Ben Stiller’s 2006 hit, Night at the Museum.  Pretty much the same elements of the first film except this time, artifacts at the Smithsonian in Washington come to life.  The first one was actually pretty entertaining so even though there should be more of the same shit in the second one, it’ll probably be pretty good…nothing great (you may want to pop open a 40 or fire one up to enhance the experience…if you are into that sort of thing).


So where does Ben Stiller go after this?  I’m already in the process of pitching Night at the Body Worlds Exhibit to Fox, and just make it a straight up zombie comedy (zombiedy!) (did you actually think they would do Night at the Louvre?  THIS is the direction they need to go) Has anyone ever seen Body Worlds?  Creepiest exhibition on the planet.

You can’t tell me this guy isn’t dead or dying after sticking his face up next to this dead fucking body.  Nasty…

And yes these are actual dead people so they are anatomically correct.  I went with Scorp a few years ago and these two kids were horsing around one of the dead bodies knocking into it and all kinds of shit (veins? pieces of flesh?) were falling off.  It was funny and absolutely disgusting all at the same time…

Damn, seriously this shit is nasty!…all right…enough of that.  Come on Stiller, make THIS movie…


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