Obama Super Crazy Bad Ass Action Figure Gonna Knock You Out!

I know this past week has been pretty tough for all of the crazy, die hard Republicans, George Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin fans out there.  Obama is going nuts all over Washington.  He has canceled all of Bush’s executive orders, removed his jacket in the oval office, and has fisted Michelle at least 4 or 5 times.

President Bush has moved out of the White House and has begun what most people will call “damage control”.  And to be fair, considering he basically had to deal with Al Qaeda bullshit his entire presidency we probably should cut him some slack even though he was not the brightest star in the galaxy.

John McCain probably would have been a truly great President.  He had all of the leadership qualities, experience and knowledge we expect from that position.  But the truth is the guy was waaay too much like “old skool” USA…and right now we just don’t need any of that crazy shit

Oh and his choice of running mate didn’t help either.  Look…see how easy it was to forget all about the train wreck that was Sarah Palin?  She had her 15 minutes of fame…she won’t get reelected for her next term and you’ll only hear about her every 5 years or so when ridiculous pictures like this are taken.

At the end of the day, Obama is our President for the next 4 years and if you like him it’ll be a good four years.  If you don’t…well you can either mope around and complain every time you see his picture (which will be a lot) OR you can embrace OUR new President and what better way to start than with something like this to keep you entertained:

The Obama Super Crazy Bad Ass Action Figure (from Japan of course)! Fuck yeah!

Want your Obama to look cool, calm and suave waltzing his way right up to the White House doors?  No problem.

Want to give props to your running mate, even though he is riding your coat tails?  You go Biden!

Want to celebrate America and all of it’s glory, spraying your patriotism all over the faces of our people?  If you are an American, with this picture alone you should be standing up and saluting our leader.

Feel like putting a cap in the “haterz” asses Dirty Harry style?  Done.

Want to pull out your mossy and mow down a bunch of Christians?  Yes you can!

Feel like dipping into your samurai roots and slicing off limbs and heads of innocent Republicans shogun style?  Don’t fuck with Obama!

Want to travel to another galaxy to take on some black dude that keeps calling himself your father?  This is the force mother fucker!  The possibilities are endless!  For those of us that opened all of our Star Wars figure boxes when we were younger and continuously hear from other people that didn’t about how stupid we were…it’s time to go up to our attics, get those “Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformer Action figure boxes down” and begin the Recycle Retribution Revolution (with Obama leading of course)!

The Super Crazy Obama Action Figure (from Japan) comes with the below accessories, each equally as deadly as the one before (including one with a fist!  YES!).

Republicans and George Bush fans.  I understand.  I really do.  It’s really not that big of a deal.  Really.  Obama will either make you sick for the next 8 years with his popularity or drive our country deeper into repression.  Isn’t that what ALL Presidents do?  Best approach is to just enjoy it.  Change will happen sooner or later.  And if you don’t want to play with your “new” Super Crazy Obama Action Figure (from Japan), you can still get out your old faithful for a another swan song round of everyones favorite game…”Mission Accomplished”.

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