PeeKaWho for Blackberry

Many people see cell phones as just that, a phone, no matter the category they might fall in. For those of us that use smart phones we understand these are more than just phones, they are in effect small, handheld computers. These phones are infinitely upgradable with the newest most cutting edge programs and I search those most  out as often as possible.

The featured program in this article is not exactly new but definitely deserves some attention based on the latest update for it. We BB users all know that feeling when we see our LED indicator turn from green to red. We get excited not knowing if it is our email, IM, SMS, MMS, BB messenger or selected online messenger going off telling us that we have a new message to review. Most of the time we try to fight the temptation to bring up the “switch application” menu to stop what we are doing and go see who it is. Well this program from Orion North America elimates the need for that with a simplistic pop-up on the home screen telling you who the sender is, the subject line and the first sentence of the message.

When the pop-up comes up it not only gives you this seemingly priceless info but it also gives you some simple options such as “go to inbox” which automatically saves your current work and brings you to the inbox, Close, to automatically close the pop-up window or “trash” to simply send the new message to the garbage pail without ever opening it. With this innovative program you can not only see in advance who is sending you a message but also manage your incoming emails as they arrive.

The program is fully customizable from how the pop-up fades to black and white lists. You can program if you want the notification to pop-up when you are in certain programs, or not if you are in others. And if you have pics attached to your contacts it will be displayed in the email notification window, pretty sweet.

If you like the Outlook email notification then you are going to love this program. This nifty little app is applicable to almost all BB’s, from the 8100 all the way up to the Storm but I warn now, if you are running an older OS then you WILL have difficulties. Technically the app is only compatible with the OS version 4.5 and up but I have seen it on older versions. This is a must have for any BB and at $10.00 with lifetime upgrade it is a real value.

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