President Bush Ignored By G6 World Leaders (damn shame)


I’m only posting this because I know it will infuriate the conservatives of the world (and in my life…Escorpion…I love you).  Well at least we don’t have to see McCain not get asked out to the school dance either over the next four years…

Truth is, I don’t really care who is President, you respect that position.  And if these world leaders do not respect our President, I would expect Obama or McCain to show some repercussions back.  It’s a shame that Bush is being treated this way, but he is still American, and still OUR President until his very last day in office.  Yes Bush maybe has had to do some things diplomatically that probably has rubbed other countries the wrong way, but he did it in the best interest of our country.

I hope that Obama remembers this shit, but I also hope that he improves the relations severed with these same countries.

2 thoughts on “President Bush Ignored By G6 World Leaders (damn shame)

  1. Looks to me as if he (Bush) is giving them the good ol’ Texas fuck you. He is not even looking at them. I would say that the feeling is mutual. He cannot stand the world PUSSY leaders and they cannot stand him for protecting their asses. Most people that feel guilty for something usually shy away in defense. This is proof positive that Bush is the fucking man and the rest of the world can suck our SACKS!

  2. Is FRANCE in there they suck major dick anyway… Fuck these guys this is not about them its about Texas Tea. Ok here is a quote from one of Bush’s advisors “He [President Bush] likes being hated it lets him know he is doing a good job.” He wants to be hated…

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