R.I.P. Texans…

Ah Monday’s, a chance to begin a new work week, look forward to all that the week offers and a chance to reflect back on a full Sunday of football. I watched many games Sunday and there were a few oddities like the Steelers/Chargers 11-10 score, the Eagles/Bengals tie game, the Titans remaining undefeated and the Cowboys actually winning (thanks a lot Romo).

As interesting and surprising as all of this was I was actually glued more to the Texans game than any other. The reason? I wanted to make sure to see them LOSE! I have a deep disdain for this team, no player individually, just the team as a whole. I wasn’t always like this, when the team began it was a first class act all the way, from the owner to their first head coach Capers to the their first draft selections, all the way down to their stadium. The turning point for me was the 2006 draft, after that I swore to never be a fan again.

Now I hate to bring up the past but this was the crescendo of their stupidity. In a draft where they could have had Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler, Ernie Simms or even Santonio Holmes, our wonderful Texans chose…MARIO WILLIAMS. Now true fans will vehemently defend this decision or blame Capers for the pick, how sad. Capers was a great head coach but they traded him up for a glorified water boy in Kubiak that they could pay less money too, this guy will never be head coach material. The blame always make full circle and the crybabies will tell you that they are not given enough credit when they win and all the blame when they lose.

My hopes at the beginning of the season was to see them lose every game. Many fans have hoped their new QB Schaub would at least meet the record from last year at 8-8, how pathetic of a hope is that. Fans should demand at least a winning record and request a playoff run, not “hope” for an 8-8 season. IDIOTS! The fans in this town are just “so happy to have a team again” that they miss the bigger issue, they don’t care about you. If the Texans front office cared about the fans they would have made the kind of draft and trade choices that put the fans in the stands. Our ticket, parking and souvenir purchases contribute oh just a little to their bottom line. We need to be more marketable as a team.

But they don’t seem to understand that simple concept, maybe McNair should hang out with Jerry Jones a little more. But in the meantime I say LOSE BABY LOSE  and keep putting up those dismal season records because if you set a low standard for your self, HOW CAN YOU LOSE????

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Texans…

  1. Yeah so I completely with the Texan thing but however i do not feel that the cowboys should have won that game last night. It sad that they got beat the last time by the redskins. They nearly lost this won as well. All in all i say that all the teams in Texas suck with the exception of the Aeros. I have friends that are Cowboys fans but no matter i can’t stand the cowboys……

  2. All Texas teams suck save the Rockets and Spurs baby! And the Aeros don’t count because they are a semi pro team (I don’t give a shit if they are hockey)…Houston needs an NHL team!

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