Star Wars Goes Graphic?

I know this is sort of old news, but I did know about it several weeks ago (sucks when you have an actual life, you tend to miss out on things).  So since I had to go out and walk my damn cat every day for like two weeks (stupid bitch feline went out and got a bladder infection) I was not able to comment on this topic.  So here it goes.

Star Wars goes graphic?  Are you freaking serious?  This is the day that I have been waiting for boys and girls, some actual blood and guts and stank and beefcake in the Star Wars world.  Please please tell me that Lucas did not have a damn thing to do with this other than just saying “ok”.  Please tell me that you will actually get to see some hard core scenes in Star Wars like they have never been seen before.

Oh wait, shit I forgot it is a book.  No problem, that is what the mind is used for.  Do you know how many times I have turned a SW film into a porno in my mind.  God damn what I wouldn’t have done to be able to carbonite freeze some female interests of mine.

I would start with Storm Large.  Damn she is so sexy.  Am I the only person that finds her oh so HOTT!


Now that I am spent let’s get back to the graphic novel.

Deathtroopers is written by Joe Schrieber, the graphic novel is suppose to hit us somewhere around Halloween.  Creepy.

There is no information on the novel yet, but if it is anything less than a damn cult slasher film, it will really disappoint.  Come on it has to be, just look at the cover.


I mean this looks like something straight outta Friday the 13th or Halloween or Texas Chainsaw.

Oh I prey to the SW gods that be…please bring me some SW content with some good gratuitous filth that I have been waiting for oh so long.

I love you Storm…….

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