Steven Spielberg To Remake Urban Cowboy

You know I do not know what to say.  I mean really, should we just go ahead and shut the site down.  If the legendary Steven Spielberg has nothing better to do than sit around and think of shitty ass movies to remake, then he either needs to put a bullet in his head or I just need to stop wondering what Bollywood is doing.  SERIOUSLY, URBAN FUCKING COWBOY!

But what could S.S. bring to the movie that was not already shitty in the first one?

He will definitely not use Fatty McFlabby Johnny T.  Nope.

He will not even look at Deborah Winger.  To ugly now.

Well he could always use the ever so popular Zac Efron.  The kid has good looks and he can cut a rug pretty damn well.  As for Sissy, I say use Mr. Brian Austin Green’s X.  Oh yes, the ever so lovely Megan Fox.

What about Scott Glen.  Who the fuck can replace his character?  Oh I got it, what about Sylar from Heroes.  He could play the bad guy.

Now my only problem with this whole movie is where it will be filmed.  Since there is no more Gilley’s in Pasadena Texas how can you replace that.  And you know that Mickey Gilley is not going to have any thing to do with it, so this really just sounds like a lost cause.

But on a brighter note, the one interesting thing that I found out is that S.S. is considering a “MAJOR CHANGE” in the mechanical bull for this film.  Now this is where it could get interesting.  Rumors have it that S.S. will be going for a more modern approach to the mechanical bull.

Straight from the Paparazzi we have our first underground photo of the pre-production.  Sources say that Spielberg had a “FANTASTIC TIME” trying out his modern version of the mechanical bull

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