Transformers 2 RotF: Slow Motion Clear Pics of the Fallen

February 17th, 2009

Cool slo mo of the Fallen “appearing” in the middle of a group of soldiers…sweet!

YouTube Preview Image

Plus HD version of the second Teaser trailer!  YES! (don’t forget to click on the little “HD” button)

YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to “Transformers 2 RotF: Slow Motion Clear Pics of the Fallen”

  1. Body Detox Diets- Says:

    -I watched the Transformers cartoon version during my childhood days. It is nice to know that good computer graphics brought the Transformers back again. I wish to see more of the Dinobots in action perhaps on another sequel-

  2. Melatoninmg Says:

    Transformers movie rocks. i am a fan of Transformers ever since childhood. Now i have three kids and they all like the Transformers cartoon series and the Movie.

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