United Auto Workers

What can you say about these guys? I think A LOT! Now that the mortgage and credit card companies have their pockets filled to the brim the next group of dead beats are the US auto manufacturers. They say they need money to survive, the say they need money to keep their employees employed, they say they need the governments help. But they aren’t saying they need the taxpayers help, which is where this money is technically coming from.

I say HELL NO, enough with the government handouts and buyouts. Since when is the government buying into the private sector a good thing? I hear people say that we should help them because all of those poor people will lose their jobs; crap. These union workers make an excellent wage, they have top benefits and have been cutting a fat hog for decades. The UAW has almost bankrupted the airline industry and now the big three auto manufacturers in the US through their rate negotiations and demand tactics. The government has done their fair share by not relaxing local taxes or profit taxes to entice domestic companies from relocating outside of our borders. But they allow land grants and tax relief programs to foreign auto manufacturers like Toyota right here in Texas.

All of these elements coupled with the auto manufacturers not being able to produce a viable product at an affordable price have created a perfect storm for these companies. And now they want money. Why not break these unions and create a new line of products that people want like more economic vehicles. With so many idiots going green these days ( I am not one of them) there is a huge market for this. There are morons out there that think if they pay enough money or paw through their garbage to recycle that they can change the weather (whole other topic). Cut the workers pay back to a normal wage. Why would I go and buy a car that is built by people who make 5 times as much as I do?

I use to swear on American made cars but half of their parts are made in other countries because it is cheaper. How you ask? Well they can pay a much lower wage, pay much less in taxes on exporting their goods, they don’t have to worry about gestapo groups like OSHA or environmental impact studies for new factories and property tax on their factories is cheaper. The cars seem to be built cheaper these days but cost infinitely more. I know people who pay more on their car note than their house (whole other topic).

So lets let them drown in their sorrows, besides, if they go under there will be others waiting to fill the consumer vacuum. Lets not be afraid to let things fail. Lets stop being so politically correct and lets sit back and do nothing but watch these companies sink into the bismol abyss they themselves have created by letting these unions run them into the ground and by paying their upper management ungodly salaries. After all of this we the taxpayers will assume the position.

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