Your Monday Lunchtime Movie Factoid

Did you know that when Josh Brolin was filming Planet Terror that he had talked to the Coen brothers about coming over and doing a screen test for No Country for Old Men?  The Coen brothers said that he was not the look and they told Brolin to take a hike.  Brolin was determined to get a shot at this movie so he went to his current director Mr. Robert Rodriguez and told him about his dilemma.  Rodriguez got with his pal Tarantino, they grabbed the first high dollar digital camera they could find ($900k) and told Brolin to read away.  After making a pretty sweet test film for the character Llewelyn the Coen brothers were sperming at the mouth that Josh Brolin, Mr. X-Goonie could actually act.

What ever happened to History of the World Part II?

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