Your Thursday Terminator Factoid

Edward Furlong.  We all loved him as John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Wait a tic…

Holy fat turds Batman, call the damn Val Kilmer fat police

But wait…was this him as well????

God damn Furlong what the hell happened man?

Now here we go.  Here is the little sweet John Connor that we all remember.

Did you know that while filming Judgement Day Furlong’s little man hood actually came in to play?  That’s right, Furlong’s dong got long (catchy eh!) and the wonderful miracle of puberty hit him right where it hurts.  You see there are so many variables when casting an actor and Furlong just had it all when it came to playing a kid.  Then his balls had to drop and his voice changed overnight while filming the movie.  James Cameron was taken back by this so he just let Furlong read his lines with his fucked up voice.  After filming and his voice calmed down, Cameron brought him back in the studio and they re-dubbed his lines.  Cameron could not accept a squeaky little hormone voice interacting with The Arnold.

Furlong also grew while on the set.  He actually ended up being a few inches taller than his stunt double by the end of production.

Oh and kids.  Don’t be a teenage prodigy turned MUSH!  The evidence speaks for itself.

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