Your Wednesday Lunchtime Spielberg Factoid

If you are a major Bollywood director, you will make some schweet cash.  Steven Spielberg makes some hella green-backs.  Not only does he get paid the big bucks up front, but he also sets his ass up to make some money on the back door as well. 

For Jurrasic Park he got $250k up front but got gross and profit participations as well.

He paid himself $1.5 million for Raiders and took a percentage of the gross as well.  I am sure Lucas made some little gold dildo idols as well, so I am sure he made some black market cash to wet his little Indy whistle.

Jurrassic II  was a fucking whopper…$72,000,000.  God damn I need to direct.  Grumms lets get to it.

Now here is your big factoid for the day.  Remember this shit cause I know one day when you are playing who wants to blow the celeb for a million this will be your million dollar question.

When Spielberg took on the director’s chair for Schindler’s List he asked not to be paid.  Do you know why?  He thought it would be blood money.

Did you know that this is one of the highest grossing black and white films…EVER!


See he just wants us to think that he has morals or some shit.  The real reason is this.  When you are fucking loaded you can make those decisions.  And by him taking on the role for free…well that just made is ticket purchasing power even stronger.

Here’s to you Mr. Spielberg.  You did it again.

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