17,000 Square Foot LED Billboard

Walgreens at 1 Times Square just got a new look – a 17,000 square foot LED billboard.  WOW!  This thing is 340ft tall, it wraps around 3 sides of the building, it has over 12 million LED’s that are arranged in diagonal panels, also in the mix are 13 60 inch plasma televisions.  So you ask what can this baby produce…well this big behemoth can beam a resolution that is 20 times the resolution of a standard HDTV!  What does that mean…fuck if I know, but it would be god damn awesome to play a 1080p game on that mother.  Just to send a 30 second video clip scrolling across this big bertha, it requires 150GB of data to be processed by 30 computers.  This is one mean techie sign.  So the next time you are around 1 Times Square and you see a beautiful douche or foot fungus advertisement in brilliant mind blowing colors, you can thank the company D3 LED for bringing it to Walgreens in NYC.


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