In my infinite search for the coolest new applications for the Blackberry Bold I stumbled across this little gem. The boys over at JC Designs came out with this innovative program to better organize your BB Bold. There are a total 19 icons for the face dock and an additional four on the left dock that are carbons.

If you are like me you have way too many icons on your home screen. I constantly have to scroll around, up and down, left to right to find my apps. With this program I can add up to 18 icons on the bottom dock. The only drawback so far is there doesn’t seem to be a way to customize the icons on the left side dock. That pisses me off a little. The standard four on the left seem to be preset with messages, calender, call log and browser. I can surely find something better for the left dock than the freaking calendar. But another cool feature is while scrolling over the “messages” icon on the left dock your new, unread messages appear right on the face screen.

I think the promoters were a little to liberal with the words “fully customizable”. Although a small shortcoming, for us chronic crackberrie users it continues to be nagging drawback. One other small detail (just because I am anal about my BB) when hitting the escape key to bring up the face dock there is a few seconds of delay even with the fast processor in the Bold.

DespiteĀ theseĀ little nuances at a price of $6.00 you can hardly argue that this app is a necessity. The download is quick and small (only about 20k) and once installed you follow the normal steps to initiate the theme. To organize the bottom dock from left to right you simply move your home screen icons in order of the desired appearance on the face dock.

As cool as this theme is you Curve, Pearl, Storm and any older BB model owners will have to wait because right now this theme is a Bold exclusive. The requirement is based on the 4.6 OS so if you users haven’t downloaded the last update then you had better get a move on.

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