Bold Update

Apparently alot of people with BB Bolds have been waiting for this post so as promised I am following up on my Bold problems with a few work-arounds and solutions I have discovered. Now I hope you all are grateful because I have spent countless hours researching these issues just for you and I think you will be impressed, so here we go.

The first issue was the BT not connecting to the headset on power-up and not being able to receive data files. After a lot of tinkering and searching I have come up with a solution for both problems all in one. This is a very technical solution so try to keep up because one misstep could render your phone useless.

First power down the phone, Next, remove the battery cover. Now remove the battery and wait 10 seconds. Reinsert the battery and replace the battery cover. Now power up your phone and test.

That’s right boys and girls, I found a simple battery pull solved both problems, pretty fucking lame but does the trick.

One other problem was the IM application. I found that Yahoo still does not function on most phones but RIM is working on that and has even reconfigured  and has has free downloads available for MSN live on their mobile site. I installed it last night and it works like a charm.

I am still working out the streaming video bugs but as far as some sites, switching your browser to Media-Net instead of using Firefox or IE helped solve the issue, especially if you are surfing via WIFI hot spots. Check back for more updates and feel free to drop helpful tips, tricks and work-arounds.

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