Foreign Accent Syndrome a.k.a. (Retardism)


After you watch this video, I guarantee if you don’t want to rip off your neighbors arms and beat all people from the West Coast senselessly with them, you probably live on the West Coast. I’ve watched it three times and I am seriously considering moving back to Rwanda, finding my mother and gorilla-bitch slapping her for bringing me in this world.

This dolt had an accident sometime in the 80’s (probably stumbled onto a line of cocaine) and now last year she goes to a chiropractor (wtf?!?) and suddenly starts speaking like a Russian, PLUS is also speaking words from Russia, France, German, Swedish, and to top it all off gibberish shit that even retards would ask, “What the fuck did she say?”. That chiropractor should have spent more time on her neck Maury style…if you know what I mean

These people do not have “FAS”.  They are just fucking crazy!  That’s it.  Stupid scientists can’t figure out when someone is just a loon. If it looks like shit, smells like shit, tastes like shit…it’s probably shit.

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