Motorola Aura, True Bling

Your step into upper class is now one cell phone purchase away. In October of last year the Moto Aura was unveiled to little fan fair and there are good reasons, but I will get to that later, but first, the good. This is truly a style friendly phone. If you flip (eh, slide) this baby open in a club you will get noticed. I will start with the etched designed, stainless steel cover.

It is said that it takes a master craftsman 2 weeks to etch and polish this baby to a high shine. From what I have read the boys at Moto modeled the phone after Swiss designed luxury watches. The round screen is definitely innovative and very sleek and the first on a celly that I can find. The screen has 16 million colors (I didn’t know there were that many) 300 dpi res and an icon based menu. The swivel action on the phone has 130 tiny ball bearings to ensure a nice smooth, sturdy open and close every time.

That’s about all of the good I have found, here’s what sucks; this phone is like Doc Browns nuclear bomb, a shiny case full of old pinball machine parts. The OEM software and features are less than standard in today’s market; 2-mega-pixel camera, music player, blue-tooth comp, messaging, speakerphone, an open source browser and Moto’s CrystalTalk…that’s it. And at 5 ounces you are sure to be using this baby as a door stop before long.

All said this little shiny rock is not worth the $2,000 price tag except for those dumb enough to afford it just to make calls with. I mean come on, who uses a cell phone to make calls anymore? This is designed strictly as a high end phone but in today’s market everyone, I mean everyone is looking for a deal, and this isn’t it. They should have made it pink and added a lipstick holder, dropped the price and they would have a simplistic phone they could market to Britney wannabes.

Still no tech specs available for the on board memory, flash or processor but just by what I have read, this is not the phone for tech savvy people on a budget. Now if it had a built in sword, I would be waiting in line. My advice; SKIP IT.

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