My new love affair with the Blackberry Storm

I have finally acquired my new toy, I picked up my new Blackberry Bold and have yet to put it down. The bold was released with little fanfare due to its whopping 6 month delay, which has been traced solely to the shitty AT&T network. On top of the delays the BB Storm was just released on the Verizon Network on the 14thof this month which has helped overshadow the Bold. Since I am not a “full-touch screen” kind of guy I still opted for the Bold which is sweet.

First, the juicy tech stuff: WIFI integration, 1 gig of on board memory (expandable up to 16GB), 2 mega-pixel camera, 642MHz processor…and bunch of other cool shit. You can read the tech spec’s anywhere so i will tell you the draw backs I have encountered.

The first is setup time, although much quicker than the IPhone, this BB lacks the simple setup qualities of the Curve. The next item is something I cringe at, being an on-the-go person and needing to communicate in various modes it disappoints me to see that RIM still does not offer any IM labels on their phones. A lot of new phones on the market are coming standard with integrated instant messaging software built in. RIM still has yet to let go of their BB Messenger, which only works between BB’s and the people with BB packages on their contract. So to defeat this obstacle one must resort to downloading a stand alone program to accommodate their needs.

The last item for this post is the Bluetooth technology. When the word Bluetooth (from here I will say BT because I refuse to spell it out) is thrown around most people respond by saying they don’t like headsets. That is because they are stupid. Most of them don’t understand the data transfer capabilities of this ingenious program. I enjoy not having to tether my BB to my desktop and opening an application loader, media manager (Roxio sucks and is a memory hog) etc just to dump a few pics or songs onto my phone.

That being said I use my BT a lot so I found out quickly that this phone is still a little buggy in that department. I setup my JawBone earpiece right away (yes I love my earpiece) and it worked flawlessly…for a week. Normally with my Curve and now this phone the earpiece would connect automatically at power up, but not anymore. Now I have to enter the BT setup window and connect manually, and I am way to lazy to do that every time. I have checked all of the settings and properties but found no answer yet. The other problem is receiving files via BT. No problems sending, and the phone will sync with other devices, but it will not accept incoming data, very weird. I have tried all of the old tricks; going to the file location I want to save in, clicking on “receive using BT”, standing under a light pole with a tin foil hat on and NOTHING!!

Drops some comments if you have the same issues or have (PLEASE GOD) found some remedies, all of your BB brethren will appreciate it. Stay tuned for more ups and downs (trust me, there will be more coming).

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