STS-126 (Who is thirsty for a great big glass of my own shit?)

Woo Hoo!  STS-126 had a beautiful lift off tonight.  Man I love to watch the shuttle take off at night, it is probably one of our best reminders that we are just technological bad asses.  In case you are not keeping up with the shuttle missions STS-126 is going to the international space station to do some renovations and some expansions.  They have their usual lab equipment and experimental miniature donkeys on board as well as some new surprises.  One of these new surprises is called the ECLSS or better known to the elongated heads at NASA as the Environmental Control and Life Support System.  You see NASA is preparing well in advance to some day go to Mars and this little device will help make that possible.  The ECLSS enables the astronauts to take a long stinky morning piss in a reclamation container and with a little magic and some help from some ex-circus dwarfs the ECLSS will convert the nasty pungent smell of stagnant urine into a tropical cool bliss of drinking water that you and you astronaut friends can share over and over again.  Please tell me you read the last sentence.  THE ASTRONAUTS WILL BE DRINKING EACH OTHERS PISS!  Holy fucking shit captain Kirk is that what you and Scotty were always doing behind the scenes.  “Eh cmere captin, gawt som of me perfect pee pee water fer ya.”    Okay so let me do the math here… it takes about 6 months to get to Mars, then you have to wait for Mars to get back in its original position, that will take another year to a year and a half and then you have the journey back home which is another 6 months.  So basically they will have tasted each others stinky fucking piss for roughly two years.

They will never get laid again.

Oh well, at least the launch was sweet…

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