Battlestar Galactica Gets A Prequel. Caprica Is Coming in 2010

I can hear the BSG fans now, “bring back a male Starbuck, bring a male back Starbuck.”  “Bring back Twiggy, bring back Twiggy.”  Well see you guys, you were wrong, Twiggy belongs in ‘Buck Rogers’ and the only thing that came out of 1979 and that series was Erin Gray wearing those lovely skin tight Colonel Deering outfits.  So back to ‘Caprica’.  The SciFi channel has been given a green light to go ahead and make a two hour pilot directed by ‘Friday Night Lights’ director Jeffrey Reiner.  Right off the bat I was completely curious as to why they would have chosen a drama director for a SciFi flick.  Well here is the catch.  ‘Caprica’ will take place 50 years before BSG and will follow the lives of the two arch rival families- the Adamas and the Graystones.  So we will actually see Joseph Adama (father of Admiral Bill Adama) go head to toe with the Graystones.  Leading the roles will be Esai Morales (playing Joseph) and Eric Stoltz as the Graystones head of household.  If you remember back in BSG time, the Graystones are the technology driven family that creates an artificial human called a Cylon.  Oh wait, don’t these things come in to play later on in the story.

So this brings me back to my main point with Jeffrey Reiner.  They have chosen this guy because this series will not be action packed and CGI moving like the current BSG.  Nope, this series is going for the drama.  So I guess what we can all hope for is some really cool Cylon shit (doubt it) or some really cool human on Cylon gratuitous sex scenes (please).

Here is the trailer.  Not much to look at, but you get the jist into the drama that I am talking about.


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