Johnny Knoxville can make ANYONE famous

Lets face it Jackass was just a great fucking show.  Johnny Knoxville is the best manipulator on the planet.  He took a few normal minded people and transformed them into walking Knoxville retards.  They did anything he asked and why not, he was paying them quite well and it got their dumb asses great recognition.  So I guess Knoxville segued his way from normalcy and into the realm of meantally challenged people by starring in “The Ringer”.  If you have never seen “The Ringer” I suggest you go out and rent it tomorrow becuase you will not be disappointed.  To be quite frank about the matter, you will find your self laughing your ass off and then looking around the room to see if anyone is watching you becuase you were just laughing at a bunch of retarded kids.  Well needless to say Knoxville has made the popularity of “The Kids of Whidney High” just skyrocket.  I would have gone my entire life and never heard of these kids.  Well now they are riding in sports cars and living the thug life.  Hell they even have their own rock star videos now.  So once again, lets all thank Johnny Knoxville for corrupting our minds as well as others.[youtube][/youtube]

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