Possible Kill Screen

As of tonight there has never been a cop on television to my knowledge that has pulled off the incredible switcheroo stunt that Vic Mackey has done.  He is by far the GOD of TV cops and will never be outdone.  How can someone do all the things that he has done and in the end still have enough wit to pull off becoming a federal officer and have full immunity for all of his crimes.  When they started the tape recorder and Vic just sat there, I remember thinking, “just walk man!  Get the hell up now and walk out the door.”  When he began talking, I had cold chills run down my spine.  I had no clue that the first thing out of his mouth would be the confession of when he put a bullet in the face of another cop.  He started at the beginning and listed each intricate crime that he had committed while being a cop and the leader of the strike team.  In the end Vic stood up and gave those feds a “fuck you” look and walked out the door soaking in his full immunity confession.

Now I have one worry.

He has cleansed his sins.

Will he live to enjoy his freedom.

Does not matter.  He will always be the greatest cop of all time.  Shawn Ryan my friend, you created a GOD that will always remain in a special little place in my heart.

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