Phasers Set to Gay: Takei and Shatner . . . A Love Story

There has been an ongoing feud for decades between George Takei and William Shatner that came to a head when George refused to invite the Shat to his recent wedding to Brad Altman, his man-partner of 21 years.

Takei has a number of issues with Shatner, primarily because he was a camera hog and full of himself (which is why we all love him) and Bill is firing back saying that Takei all along wanted his own starship and that you couldn’t have two Star Trek cast members with their own star ships (wtf ???)


First, I like George Takei.  Sure he likes to frolic naked on uninhabited islands running with herds of goat and sheep (and yes he also likes to occasionally have sex with men in showers and in their butts) . . . and I have to ask . . . who doesn’t??

He rocks on the Howard Stern Show.  He rocked on Heroes.  I fucking like the guy.

Same with the Shat.  Boston Legal is great.  He is another guy that is completely charismatic and has over the years poked fun at himself along with everyone else.  He (along with Takei) have made careers out of Star Trek and more power to them and to be honest neither one of them have to work a day in their lives as a result.

Both should just make friends and start doing shit together (e.g. how about a fucking buddy cop flick?  Or a pirate movie?  Or maybe an Indiana Jones type flick?) before they both die and lose a great opportunity to do something great (again) together.

Anyways, if you get a chance on Dec 2nd on the Bio Channel check out Shatner’s new talk show “Raw Nerve”.

Also, J J Abrams is a tool for including Lenard Nemoy in the new Star Trek movie and not including Shatner.  Yeah, I heard the rumors that Abrams asked Shat and he said no, but I believe Mr. Shatner.  Sorry Abrams.  You are making an amazing flick . . . but at the end of the day Shatner made Star Trek.

4 thoughts on “Phasers Set to Gay: Takei and Shatner . . . A Love Story

  1. What, you’re telling me that the two pic’s on the post don’t make you want to buy Season 1 of the original Star Trek? And I guarantee you you’ll be sitting right next to me and Scorp when the JJ Abrams Star Trek flick comes out…(either on your own free will or mine…)

  2. The point remains I still really think Star Trek is gay… Maybe this move may be good. But I will definatly give it a chance…

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