Takashi Okazakis (creator of Afro Samurai) Amazing Star Wars Collection (as well as some ultra cool private photos!)

I would love to tell you all that I donned my favorite Afro Samurai costume, walked down to the Houston Bush Airport (I really need to fix my car one of these days), somehow purchased a round trip ticket to Tokyo (because it’s one of the cities that I know), convinced TSA that Afro Samurai wanting to get on a plane to go to Japan really wasn’t THAT weird, made it on the plane and traveled all the way to the land of the Rising Sun (I hope I was able to get an upgrade.  Continental is usually pretty good at that)

…found the precise location where Takashi Okazaki (the creator of Afro Samurai) lived, changed into my favorite storm trooper costume (only because by now I’m sure my Afro Samurai costume will have reeked of sweat and other body fluids that I produce when I sleep…I always sleep when I fly), walked over to his place (because I would have spent all of my money on my plane ticket), snuck into his apartment during one of his super cool get togethers, took all of these pictures (mind you with everyone in attendance looking right at me), snuck back out, ran back to the airport (surely by now they would have figured out that I was not part of the Samurai “creative team”) and flew all the way back to Houston, unscathed…but if I did that, I think Danny Choo and his millions of fan’s would probably hunt me down and turn me into one of these things creepy things:

No unfortunately (for me), but FORTUNATELY for you, Danny Choo was the one that was able to meet with the very awesome Takashi Okazaki, who of course is the creator of Afro Samurai, and who invited Choo to a really ultra cool session of eating, drinking, and checking out all of his GEEK WARES

Takashi is really a living symbol of the adage “never giving up”!  Here is a bit from the Danny Choo piece as well as some interview footage with Okazaki: 

Okazaki went from having is work published in a doujinshi (self published Japanese works (manga) usually made by amateurs – G) that had a circulation of about 2000 to having his creation turned into a multi-million dollar series. A great example of how good things always happen around folks who focus on what they are passionate about.


So Danny was extremely lucky to get a first hand look behind the scenes so to speak of Takashi and some of the Afro Samurai team.  Below are some of those pics.  You can find the complete piece on Choo’s site here.

From left to right are Fuminori Kizaki, the director of Afro Samurai, Eric Calderon, writer of Afro Samurai Season 2, Takashi, Danny Choo (seriously, it COULD be me…well it could!), and Hiroya lijima, Afro Samurai animation design and character creator.

And here is what they had for dinner.  Who cares…check out those awesome Space Ghost/Birdman/Hanna Barbera coasters!

Kuma is easily my favorite character from the first season.  I want that figure!  If you haven’t seen the original, first shame on you, second, check out his fight sequence with Afro below…too coool…(or just go and buy the DVD…you won’t be disappointed)


Takashi’s droid collection…I love his Domo-kun on his desk.

And Target around Halloween this year, wasn’t the first place that turned me onto these little brown creatures…A few years back I received a message from none other than God, apparently it was a warning or something…of course I have yet to heed it (I’m not a big cat lover…sorry…)  Maybe if God killed George Lucas’s brain cells each time…then I MIGHT consider stopping…until then…bye bye kitties! (there goes another one)

Oh wow…try to find all of the ultimate cool shit in this picture…btw, time to move out of the closet Takashi…you deserve a bigger office bro…

Holy shit!  Is that a Space: 1999 toy??  The other ones are from another old t.v. series called UFO.  Unbelievable that he still has these…

Check this out!  Oh my god I can’t stop laughing…how the hell did we make it out of the 70’s?  Seriously…MST3K where are you??  You can really tell it was sometime around the mid to late 70’s that the aliens decided to share their technology with us or we would be in a world of shit right now…

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DF9nDJZrdA[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8RfzkhqBLY[/youtube]

I wonder what that Darth Vader helmet is in front of his key board?  Voice changer? Man I think we have some pretty cool shit over here, but the Japanese just take it to the next level with cool stuff…no doubt…

Wow…Luke versus Vader…samurai style. How much do you think that’s worth?

It took me a second to figure out what this was…but look closely and you will see…very awesome…

“We’re on an express elevator to hell!…going down”.  Never a big fan of Aliens toys…until I see them on some other dudes shelf…then I want them…Aliens I think is bigger in Japan than here from a collectible stand point…could be wrong…

Speaking of aliens…I still love this vid.   God damn it’s funny…and nightmare scary…


Aww man…I want a WD40 R2D2.  =(

There are some other cool Star Wars pics on the site as well as some other cool stuff.  Definitely check it out.  And if you haven’t seen the trailer for the next Afro Samurai: Resurrection…look here.


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