To me there is nothing better than trivia. Trivial Pursuit is by far the best board game EVER invented. For those of you who disagree, your not smart enough to realize how stupid you really are. Anyway while perusing the local video game hut I saw this new game and wanted it, badly. So after whining incessantly for 45 minutes the purchase was made.

 The game is pretty cool in design, you have 1-8 contestants for at home play and 1-4 in online mode. There are 5 different genres with a combined 5,000 plus questions. The graphics are good enough at max 780I and the animation comes in at a B plus. The online game play is a little slow and to no real end but to win points, for no use. If you could actually apply those points to something it would make it worth while. But the player generated questions option and the new question download packs do help round out this game.

 After I dove into the game with some friends I had high expectations. When playing with friends at home there are five rounds of questions. After reaching the final round with 4,000 points more than any one else I thought I was the easy victor, I was wrong.

The final round of the game is simply stupid. Everyone is raised on a platform with the height based on your point tally. I figure this gives all of the stupid people an even playing field. As questions are asked the first player to buzz in correctly has their platform move up a notch, get it right anytime but first and you simply stay where you are, get it wrong and drop. I truly despise this setup. I am not what you would call politically correct, nor do I think we need an even playing field in anything. I think if you are better then you are better and you will probably win. If you suck then you will get your ass kicked.

The creativity of the interactive game play is suppose to make it more entertaining than just sitting there answering questions. I guess this is based on the theory that we all have such short attention spans now. But to me the stupid rounds like Short Fuse and Pie Fight are far to childish. And some people may think this is a child’s game but how much does a 10 year old know about 80’s music?

So the game is not a total disappointment but for people like me who have much higher demands when paying $60 for a game, this one has some serious short comings. My suggestion, wait until it is cheaper.

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