Left 4 Dead!

Well my boys and girls its Butters here again just letting everyone know that this has been a perfect weekend so far.  Normally I would stop there…but today I have more!

Reflecting on the past year of glorious gaming time I wanted to mention one of my favorite games to date. Left 4 Dead.  I really can’t tell you how many countless hours of zombie killing mayhem that was spent over the past several months with this game. I have always been a fan of the zombie genre (like my GF counterparts) and the idea of the Apocalypse (which I am preparing lube for as we speak).

Well this simple game simply shocked the hell out of me because of its simplicity and how much fun a simple game could be, simply speaking. This surely brings me back to the days of Mario Bros (except with zombies and the Apocalypse and without short cut glistening hairy Italian plumbers…Mmmm, and weird creatures from another land), but anyhow I truly love this game because of the fun factor and the replay value of this game.  And the simplicity.

The cool thing (and I say that because everything above was cool…but not as cool as what I’m about to tell you) about this game is it’s addition to the idea of the special zombie.

In the game there are 5 special zombie that are a lovely addition to the beautiful carnage of the game. Well, I would like to explain them in short so here we go… The hunter is probably one of my favorite because he literally is modeled after a frog in human form.

He can jump several yards without any trouble and can bounce on a survivor and not let go until that person get helped.

The smoker is (and has) an interesting feature: she usually stays on top of buildings and sits and waits until a person gets under her and she will use her long tongue to strangle the survivor.

The boomer is a very useful zombie and he is down right funny (heh heh). The noise will literally make you laugh out loud but his purpose is to barf on the survivors. By doing this he is putting a pheromone in the air that will attract the horde (the zombies as a whole).  He is by far the easiest to hear because of the barf like sounds he is making.  Here are some cute boomers shooting their pheromones off.  Watch out for that barf flying!

The tank is probably the mixture of Mr. Hyde and the Hulk

but the name says it all.  It is not one to be trifled with and he will fuck up your world if you are not trifled. He only spawns in random parts of the levels, but I have seen 3 tanks in one map.  holy shit it sucked.  so did the 3 tanks.

Finally, we move on to my favorite and the most feared opponent in video game history…and that is the witch. She is unique because she is the only zombie that will not attack if she is not bothered (which means if you don’t bother her, she won’t attack you!)

However, the game randomly places her on the map every time a player plays a character created for the game. The thing that is so damn scary…is the fact of the matter is that a flashlight flashing, shooting (guns or no guns), or even just getting close enough to kiss will automatically send a survivor to the ground writhing in scaredness and literally beat the shit out of the survivor with her mean looking claws, and her determined wit.

Usually it takes the witch a third of the time to kill the survivor than the rest of the other infected. The main thing that is freaky is she is a little girl that is always crying and soon as she is alerted she screech in little girl fury hmmmm…villiage people of the damned much???

Well, the survivors themselves are just 5 random people that just randomly started working together to survive. Those survivors are Francis, Bill, Mark, Louis, and my favorite Zoey (do you know any of them?). All have special perks for using certain guns in the game. Such as Zoey is meant to use the ever useful pistols and the ever usless hunting rifle. Bill is good with the never useless assualt rifle. Louis is good with the useless ever uzi. Francis is good with both of the ever useless but never useful shotguns.

Mark is good with the light saber.

The cool thing about this game is the fact that you can play as the special infected (with the exception of the witch) in the popular versus mode. The game is a four on four match were you go through two of the four campaigns in the game and both teams will play both sides until the campaign is done.

The single campaign and the co-op campaign are very fun as well. There are four different campaigns to choose from No Mercy, Blood Harvest, Dead Air, and Death Toll. The 5 difficulties in which the game can be played make a heavy factor on success…obviously!

Such as easy the zombies take quite literally for ever to kill a survivor. However, such as expert one zombie from the horde can kill a survivor in 5 wacks. Scary yes? no? I would tell you more but you will just have to play the game and reveal the secrets.

This game is on Xbox 360 and on the PC. This game is really good and should be a video game that all can enjoy including you. I highly recomend it.

Next time…we’ll talk about STAR WARS ZOMBIES!  SUPER COOL!

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