That’s the rumor kitties. The latest intel on the subject is that 3 developers of the Metroid  Prime series have formed the new Armature studios in Austin, TX and they are dedicated to creating games for all three platforms with a publishing agreement through Electronic Arts. This undoubltedly will unlock many doors for the 3 who were formally tied exclusively to Nintendo.

Mark Pacini who now heads the new company said they are excited to finally be working with the other platforms, especially the powerful PS3 system. Under the new contract with EA they would not be able to create any new Metroid Prime games for the WII, but who cares, nobody wants to play Metroid on the fucking WII anyway. We all know that the WII is a kids console, NES went down that road when the Game Cube bombed. Now they market to overweight kids and seem to be doing pretty well at it. But the PS3 has always been geared up for adults, hence the price. The graphics, content and game play says it all.

No idea as to when we could expect a game title or screen shots, that is still all in the process, and the developers are very tight lipped as to what they are working on but be assured there WILL be a Metroid series coming to the PS3. Todd Keller, one of the 3, has already remarked “personally, I would love to work on another Metroid game. I have been in love with Metroid for years. We had a chance to recreate a game that was created way back when. That was awesome”.

And who hasn’t Mark. I popped my cherry while playing Samus. All of us die hard Metroid fans remember trying to find all 255 rockets, memorizing those long continue codes and trying to bomb our way up the impossible walls in the White World without using the Max. I played constant hours just roaming around, knowing where to get the wave and ice beams but trying not to use them. My love affair was renewed as many were with the release of Super Metroid. I actually still play both games along with a catalog of many other greats like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Kung Fu, Zelda, Ice Hockey and Dragon Warrior. But none of these hold a candle to the Metroid series.

In short they have to develope a new Metroid series, they simply have to.

10 thoughts on “METROID ON PS3???

  1. Well, I just did a search on google for “metroid ps3” and found what I was really looking for. I can´t wait this release: what impact on the game world would a METROID PRIME, with graphics such those given by the PS3 power, it will be have? It´s great. You´ll see what I am saying. The Metroid will be again on the most experts gamer´s shelves.

  2. cmon lets be serious, jus cos these dudes are gona be makin games for the ps3 dont mean they gona be makin metroid games for the ps3. i think this all means theyre obviously gona make some new potentially good titles, but never will metroid be seen on a sony or microsoft console, thats like having zelda or mario games on the ps3, never gona happen.

    and whats wrong with u dude, u been playing metroid games on nintendo consoles all this time, u shud be looking forward to playing them on nintendo consoles, im sure wii will have a kick ass progessor, because its pretty kick ass itself

  3. This shouldn’t happen, Nintendo owns the rights to anything Metroid and they should step in to prevent this from happening. Its one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises and should stay Nintendo Only. And ‘nobody wants to play Metroid on the fucking WII anyway’, this makes me want to punch you (fatkobra) in the face for saying such athing, as well for bashing the wii, just cause it doesn’t appeal, there is no need for that, i dont care if its your opinion, just keep it to yourself, it makes you sound like a 360 fanboy.

  4. how come sony’s resident evil came to the gamecube. stop crying the best system ps3 will get what they want.

  5. This will not mean a metroid game on the PS3. Firstly nintendo owns the rights to the metroid franchise not retro studios. secondly even if retro studies held the rights they are not owned by the people leaving retro studios the people leaving retro studios would not own the intellectual property that the studio controlled the studio owns that. Also “retards” in what universe does sony own resident evil resident evil is a game that the first few titles of were sony exclusives however it is developed by capcom not sony or a company owned by sony and capcom can make games for whover they like. In any properly made stories about this they talk about how these skilled developers are moving and likely making new ip not making metroid games
    metroid is owned by nintendo and the newest metroid game metroid other m isn’t even being made by retro studios but is instead being made by team ninja and nintendo together.

  6. i hope whoever wrote this is fired not just because of the stupidity in this article but the down right abuse to the owners of the wii is unriveled

    i also wish to askWTF is with this statement “but be assured there WILL be a Metroid series coming to the PS3.” i find it ridiculas and retarded to think someone belived it would happen

    i wish to end this rant with one statement

  7. I dont care who the fuck wants to have copy rights on it it will have to come out on PS3 so who is not for it keep playin ur fuckin wii an let it be. ITS A MUST HAVE

  8. If you read the article you would see that they didn’t bash the WII just simply said that it was target towards kids which it is, the on the other hand PS3 is targeted more to adults, adults who grew up playing Metroid. Those three people who left the studio to make a Metroid for all platforms were probably the heads of the group that worked on it for Nintendo.A whole studio doesn’t works on just one game. Nintendo may own the rights to the original Metroid but those rights expire or be renegotiated. So simply put a Metroid game on all systems is a possibility and I for one hope it happens sooner rather than later.

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