WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2009

At one time I was a die hard fan of wrestling games,!! never a fan of the show. When I had my Nintendo 64 (yes I am old) I bought every wrestling game they came out with for it. Once I moved onto the PS2 I found this was one genre that was seriously lacking in game controls and graphics. All of the wrestling games I played on PS2 basically sucked, the moves were choppy, the details lacking and the load times eternal. So to say the least I was skeptical about buying this game, especially dropping $60 on it (after all, working at GF doesn’t exactly pay the bills).

After a week of playing this game I can say that I breathed a sigh of relief, the boys over at THQ have come a long way and have redeemed themselves in certain areas. The game play is phenomenaland the create options seem limitless. They have all of the favorite matches for exhibition such as the cage match, TLC and hell in a cell matches. The character details are great as well, if you look real hard you can almost see pubic hair on the divas. All of the wrestlers are there including the old superstars that I remember as a kid, except Cocoa B Ware, sniff. That brings up the point of my post, as good as this is I have already found something to be a nuisance. In any match beyond a standard pin-fall match the diva’s are not selectable as choices.

Now I know what are you thinking, why would I want to use a chic. Well we all have that yearning to throw a steaming ass hot chic through a table now and again or pummel her with a chair and as I shifted through the characters selections I saw a few I was ready take on. However once in the character selection screen after choosing a table match I regrettably noticed that the chic’s were all gone. That’s right, you can only beat up other dudes. So far this is the only drawback of the game but I will be playing the hell out it to see what else I can dig up that sucks. My advice for those that loved the hardcore wrestling games of the 90’s on the 64, get this game, truly a breakthrough for disc load.

In the mean time I will fill my hours playing with the diva’s and pausing the match at just the right moments


as they are doing the splits or trying to see their nipples, and staring at this pic of Ashley, ah memories…

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