Xboxs Big Day

Well it is xbox 360’s 4th year and it has come a long way… Out of all the times I had to send in my console I am still proud to be a Xbox 360 supporter. Today Microsoft released a new xbox experience in which xbox live users can have an heavily upgraded dashboard. Sorry to PS3 but it is being outdone as far as the online features are going. In this dashboard you are able to create an avatar. It also has a feature where users can have video chats with one or more persons. I believe this to be a big day because xbox is making their console better and better since its release in 2005. In addition xbox has made it easier for xbox users to view each others’ profiles as games played. Words cannot describe the rest…this update is badass. I really don’t like to harp on PS3 but I think that Playstation is not the online type of system. But this opinion is subject to change. Playstation really only has one advantage over the 360 and that is Blue-ray. That is the only reason why I own one. I really was disappointed to know that PlayStation’s graphics are par with xbox 360’s and that there is no difference in the games. I would like however to note that I have had loads of fun on both systems, and I hope Playstation gets there act together and grows some balls and try to compete with Xbox…


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