Tron (TR2N) Sequel Just Got A Whole Lot Sexier!

It looks like outside of the rumors swirling that Karl Urban and John Hurt will be a part of the TR2N sequel set to come out in 2011 (in addition to Jeff Bridges from the footage that was shown from Comic Con in July.  Incidentally, that was not footage from a potential trailer or the actual movie but rather test footage to test out the special FX.  Wow…looked amazing.  Check out the end of this article to see what the Comic Con lucky few saw), it looks like two new additions will also be joining the cast, and with all due respect to Cindy Morgan, they are REALLY good choices.

Fans of the 2006 movie, Turistas, will get to see two of that movies leading beauties in the virtual world, Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett.  To be honest, I never saw Turistas only because I boycott all things Mark Cuban (who was one of the producers of the film) and apparently, from what I can tell, it really wasn’t a good movie.  BUT I’ve been told that all of the women (and men) in the movie were basically naked throughout so probably worth a Netflicks spot in your queue.

In addition to Turistas, Olivia Wilde has starred in the TV series House, Alpha Dog and the OC while Beau Garrett was in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Made of Honor.  Olivia’s character will play a worker in the virtual world that joins the fight against the MPC (Master Control Program) while Beau’s character at this point will be playing a “siren” in that world as her character is still in development (hopefully she is leaning towards villainous in some way)

It’s absolutely apparent that both were probably not picked for their acting credentials.  Which is fine by me as Cindy Morgan was mouth watering delicious in the first Tron (while her acting in that movie and Caddyshack was sorry to say not that great) and although you could never replace her (cameo in this one maybe? please!) I think you have two very beautiful actresses that can certainly play the part.

For more hot bikini action of Olivia and Beau check out this this montage of scenes from Turistas.


And if you missed the Tron footage from Comic Con, check it out here:


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