2nd Awesome Transformer Teaser Trailer! (plus pics of the Fallen!)

I’m sure all of you have seen the glorious HD version of the first trailer.  Here is your first peek of the second teaser trailer…sans HD…for now.  BTW, could this be the ESB of this generation??  Is Michael Bay the new George Lucas?


Below are some stills.  Thanks to Transformers Live Action Movie Blog for the break down.

The new female Transformers…that’s a unicycle!  What the fuck?  Awesome!

Here is another shot of Arcee as the uni.  And yes…that is Scorponok!  Sweet!

Here she is in full glorious form (Watch out Furries!)

Could this be the Fallen?  Check out the next series of pic’s that analyze why it might be.  Scorp, there is the fire you were looking for fool!

God damn this move is going to be amazing…

No Soundwave yet…but…one of his minions?

I’ve always had a good feeling about this movie, but after watching this second trailer, I’m really starting to think that this movie is going to destroy expectations.  I’m completely geeked up!  Can’t wait for the next trailer!

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