Book of Eli Just Got Better: Mila Kunis AND the Punishers Ray Stevenson on Board

Being a huge fan of the post-Apocalyptic genre, especially those that involve zombies (I’m one of the few that liked the Postman…but I’m also one of the many that hated that shit-tacular Water World debacle), I heard about the Book of Eli premise and I’ve been hooked ever since.  The movie stars Denzel Washington as the movies namesake Eli who is in possession of a book that provides knowledge that can save the world.  The great Gary Oldham is slated to play the bad guy (wow, no surprise there but he is so god damn good at it) mayor of a small town that wants the book.

The delicious Mila Kunis, of the recent PG13 ass-fest Max Payne (when will Hollywood learn…when it comes to the action genre…Rated R sells…period) is on board to play an assassin sent to kill Eli and just this past week, is reporting that another comic book movie alumnus, Ray Stevenson, of the latest Punisher movie, joined the cast to play another assassin sent to kill Eli.  With these four actors alone and the premise, I already love it.

Damn it…none of you mother fuckers read my post did you?  Fine, next time I’ll just put pic’s up of Mila…cock suckers.

Anyways, here is a video of her being interviewed at Comic Con by an extreme dip shit, Geek Flavor’s own Butters…nah, sorry, it’s just the LA Times.


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