Geek Flavors Hottest Babes of 2008 (Part 1)

So now that Thanksgiving is behind us and we are starting the final month of the year I feel it is now time to unleash my top hotties of the year. I spend a lot of time ogling woman in acting, music, porn etc so I feel I have put together a solid list of my personal favs. I think all ten at once might overload some of you so here we go starting with #10:

Maggie Q


There are few words to properly describe this little spandex wrapped treat. I gave her little notice until I saw her kicking some serious ass in Die Hard (hah) something or other part whatever. The movie absolutely sucked, filled with a retard happy cast and a plot line so obscure that the writers filled the monstrous gaps with technical garble to confuse and awe the also retarded audiences into thinking they can fly a jet with a cell phone…BUT, they did do a great  job casting this vixen. Although her part was mute (she didn’t say shit) her ass kicking abilities said more than enough. By the time I saw her in Balls of Fury (which had less vomit inducing scenes of boredom than Die Hard Already part whatever) I was in love.

She had 4 movies in 2008 but look for her playing the high priestess in Rougue’s Gallery in 2009, until then…feast your eyes.

And Then..?..?..?
And Then..?..?..?

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